Flower Love in a Jar

Flower Love in a Jar


Flower Love in a Jar

This combination of flowers and storage make us super excited! We’re all about sustainability and love finding unique ways to display and send flowers, giving our customers great value for money and an extra surprise.

These consol glass jars have a funky chalkboard for messaging and labelling. We ensure the lids and chalk are securely tucked into your delivery.  Use the jar for your next pretty arrangement or to store your favourite goodies in the kitchen and pantry. Our focus is sourcing the prettiest and freshest flowers for you, arranging these into beautiful bunches or bespoke arrangements and getting them delivered on time with no hassle, ensuring you get the best vase life from your blooms. Don’t forget to change the water regularly to keep them uber fresh.

Whilst we love you browsing our site, if you’re in a hurry grab a flower voucher and leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure your order is fulfilled on time, with great finesse. So many choices, so little time!

If you’re really doing the last minute thing, we’ll even hand write your card. Simply fill in your message on the order or what’s app it directly to us on 083 400 5882. Don’t forget to select your greeting card before checking out.


Flower Love in a Jar

Everyone loves receiving a surprise delivery of beautiful flowers.  And when they are arranged in a funky reusable glass jar, it’s even more lovely. We love these gorgeous Consol Glass Jars with a mini Chalkboard for storing and sending flowers. They’re gorgeous to recycle into your kitchen and pantry space or to reuse for your next floral arrangement. Ready to send beautiful flower love in a jar? Simply choose your size and colour and you’re good to go!

We make sure the storage lid and chalk are included with your delivery, giving our clients and your friends an extra surprise to use for all their storage needs. It’s cute, funky and sustainable.

Our flower shop creates the freshest flower bunches, using  carefully selected fresh flowers and foliage, to group together the prettiest bouquets. Blooms and leaves are sourced directly from flower farms in the Western Cape. We love supporting our enterprising local growers and their staff. We prefer to receive your orders online by Tuesday, to ensure fulfillment of all orders, ensuring you have beautiful fresh blooms as you head into the weekend. If you have a special occasion or event planned, give us a call on 083 400 5882.

Our bunches are available for delivery in the South Peninsula, City Bowl and Southern Suburbs.  We ensure contactless delivery with secure online payment options via our yoco portal or eft payments prior to delivery.  Simply choose the size of your bouquet and we’ll do the rest. Everyone loves a gorgeous surprise of beautiful flowers delivered to their door. It’s a real treat and is guaranteed to warm the heart. Our florist shop is always open and we will go the extra mile to fulfill your personal needs. Adding personal touches is our gift to you.

There is nothing more uplifting in our homes, gardens and offices, than a bunch of beautiful blooms. Ours come straight from the farm, freshly cut whilst you are fast asleep. They are nurtured with extra care every step of the way. When you receive your flowers, be sure to add the free flower food we supply and top up with fresh water daily. For extra vase time, cut the flower stems on day 3 under running cold water. We use seasonal blooms, combined with the prettiest, soft foliage we can find.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well Greetings and Personal Notes, handwritten add a deeply personal touch to flowers, gifts and celebrations. If you are far from your loved ones in Cape Town  we can help you deliver a poignant and thoughtful message with your flowers to make their day extra special.

Another proudly South African product, celebrating all that is unique in South Africa’s fauna and flora.

Please email us studio@sundaygirl.co.za for customized bunches of flowers or special arrangements for funerals, special events and celebrations.

Sunday Girl Studio is a Proudly South African Company. We are passionate about sourcing Gifts, Flowers and Decor from local creatives, bringing these together in a beautifully curated online store.  We support handcrafters, local seamstresses & flower farmers with a passion for design and job creation. Celebrating creativity & sharing our passion for the environment is at the heart of our beautiful range. Personally wrapped gifts with handwritten notes for your clients and loved ones are our signature. Beautifully curated gifts and flowers delivered to your door, wrapped and ribboned by hand in brown kraft paper or one of our our beautiful handmade boxes or baskets.

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